Essentials Of Paramedic Care Study Helper

Essentials Of Paramedic Care Study Helper 1.0

Animated Agent can read the questions out loud to you if you wish
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Becoming a Paramedic is almost as challenging as being a Paramedic. There is no other software that will help you prepare for the challenges that await you than Knightlite's Essentials Of Paramedic Study Helper Code II Version 1.0. With 1800 questions spanning 49 chapters, based on Brady's Essentials Of Paramedic Care 1st Edition written by Bledsoe, Porter and Cherry. There are also 761 definitions as well as 12 National Registry Paramedic Skill sheets that you can print out and use to study.
Knightlite's new Code II User Interface makes studying the enormous amount of information contained in this comprehensive software program more enjoyable than traditional study techniques. The animated Agent can even read the questions out loud to you. Set the software to Presentation Mode, and the program will self-run, just like a movie, so you can still study while doing something else in the same room.

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